Speeches & Workshops

Dr. Bernstein has given over three hundred speeches and workshops across the country. 

He is a highly regarded speaker who is known for his insight, warmth, sense of humor, and practical approaches to complex issues.  His professional presentations and keynotes have included the Cape Cod Institute, American Psychological Association, Johns Hopkins University, Kaiser Permanente Health System (CA), National Center for Public Outreach, Havenwyck Hospital System, Michigan Association of Children’s Alliances, The Park Center, U.S. Department of the Interior, Denver Children’s Hospital, The Psychotherapy Networker Conference, Ben Franklin Institute Annual Adolescent Conference, Caron Foundation, American HealthCare Institute, and many school systems. 

In addition, Dr. Bernstein has given numerous talks to PTA’s, parents’ groups, religious institutions, and community organizations.

Speech Topics Include:

  • Guilty Parents, Entitled Youth
  • Why Kids Underachieve and What to Do About It
  • Secrets of Good Fathering
  • Keeping Teens Out of Trouble    
  • How Parents Can Outsmart Kids
  • Teen Life Under the Radar Screen
  • Facing the Drug/ Alcohol Dilemma
  • Should You Spy on Your Kids?
  • Empathy: The New Wonder Drug
  • The New Peer Pressure
  • Dealing with Internet Abuse
  • The New Boredom
  • Helping Stressed Out Kids

Professional Workshop Topics Include:

  • Effective Interventions with Behavior Disordered Youth
  • Living With Troubled Youth: Managing Behavior in School, Family, And Treatment Settings
  • Parenting At-Risk Youth
  • Heading Off Teens Heading for Trouble
  • Promoting Better Fathers Through Therapy, Parent Training, and Couples Work

Dr. Bernstein would be happy to discuss the specific needs of your group or organization.   To book him for speaking engagements or workshops click here for more information.



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