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There When He Needs You poignantly captures a man’s struggle to become the father his son needs. Neil Bernstein’s timely book is filled with real-life stories that entertain, inform, and inspire better parenting. It’s a wonderfully written gift that I highly recommend to all families.”
—Michael Gurian, author of The Wonder of Boys and The Wonder of Girls

“Our kids only get one father. So we dads better make sure that we get it right. The good news is that Neil Bernstein has written the book to show us the way. This gem is easy to read, down to earth, practical and solid. What a gift to us guys who are trying to get it right for our kids’ sake.”
—David Walsh, Ph.D., author of No. Why Kids--of All Ages--Need to Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say It and Why Do They Act That Way?

There When He Needs You is a superb, vibrant, comprehensive guide for fathers at every stage of development.  Both practical and inspirational, and filled with useful, poignant case examples, it is a significant contribution to the parenting literature, and will be of inestimable value to fathers, as well as their families. [It] will surely deepen and enrich not only the lives of the men who read it, but also the lives of the children whom they raise.”
—Brad Sachs, Ph.D., author of When No One Understands: Letters to a Teenager on Life, Loss, and the Hard Road to Adulthood and The Good Enough Child: How to Have an Imperfect Family and Be Perfectly Satisfied

“Brilliant, practical and warm, There When He Needs You offers solutions to the crisis of American boys who grow up without the influence of good men. Every man who cares for his son must read it.”
—Meg Meeker, MD, author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

“In a wake-up call for today's fathers, Dr. Bernstein targets the "half-there dad"--the father trying to do everything but inadvertently cutting corners and shortchanging his son.  Humane, blunt, with compelling stories throughout, Dr. Bernstein's useful advice will help men break through any generational and emotional barriers they face and allow them to become the "All-around dad" that every son wants.  If you read one fathering book, make sure that this is it.”
—Michele Borba, Ed.D., author of Parents Do Make a Difference

“As a psychologist and father of two grown sons I was very impressed with this book.  Dr. Bernstein shares his own personal and clinical experiences to capture the significant role that fathers play in the lives of their sons.  He offers realistic suggestions for both fathers and mothers for enhancing the father-son relationship and he does so with warmth, empathy, and humor.  This very readable book is an invaluable resource.”
—Robert Brooks, co-author of Raising Resilient Children and The Power of Resilience

“Hurray! A book all fathers deserve!  Thanks to Dr. Neil Bernstein's wise advice and warm stories, today's fathers can feel reassured.  All parents want to feel that special connection with their children; all fathers want to be ‘good enough—and better’—and now they can.  Thank goodness Dr. Bernstein is there when we need him!”
—Sandra Burt and Linda Perlis, authors of Raising A Successful Child: Discover and Nurture Your Child's Talents

“Finally, a father-friendly book on the topic of dads raising sons! Neil Bernstein is wise and passionate as he reminds fathers how much good we do when we seize the chance to connect with our sons.”
—Neil Chethik, author of FatherLoss: How Sons Come to Terms   with the Death of Their Dads



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